Consign Your Luxury Designer Bag

At the moment, bags from Puerto Rico residents only will be accepted for consignment.

Designer brands accepted for consignment: Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Gucci. These are the most popular and best-selling brands. If you have a bag from another designer, we encourage you to contact us. Depending on the piece, exceptions could be made. Needless to say, replicas are not accepted. We authenticate all our pieces with our in house expert team. And we stand by the guarantee that our designer items are 100% authentic.

Is simple and fast.

A. Get a Quote

Send an email to:

with photos of the bag you want to consign: Front, Back, Bottom, Top, Side 1, Side2, Interior, Handles, Pockets, Handles, Straps

Include information about the item such as: Brand, Authenticity card, Style, Year of production/ Year purchased, where did you buy it and at what price (if you have a purchase receipt, original packaging or dust bag).  If it has any defects such as watermarks, paint, dirty, scratches, color transfer, etc. report it too.

WMM will determine the value of the item and will send a quotation within the next 24 to 48 hours via email.

If the consignor agrees with the sale price, terms and conditions, he/she must sign the contract agreement and send it to WMM via email.

B. Ship your bag

Shipping information is included in the contract agreement

C. Wait Until Item is Sold

D. Get Paid

We will send payment within two business days of selling your item via check or paypal.